#Westcoastwednesday New Episode and More

What's the best part of Wednesdays? #WCW with Chanel of course! What did you guys think of the first video?  Comment on the video or the blog and let us know! Show your support and share the videos. The more popular they are, the better they will be! Here is episode two.

October 15th is right around the corner and we are getting hyped for the show in Seattle. Chanel is headlining at The Crocodile and wants to see everyone there! Buy tickets here: http://www.thecrocodile.com/event/679101/

This #Westcoastwednesday we are introducing a new feature. Each week we will take Chanel's most popular Instagram and Tweet of the week and share it here. Share her pictures and retweet to show your support. Everyone needs dope photos and funny tweets in their life.

Instagram of the week: Over 70 thousand likes!

Everyone loves a British accent!

Everyone loves a British accent!

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