#WestCoastWednesday Animal Awareness

What's the best part of Wednesdays? #WCW with Chanel of course. This week we are using #WCW to bring awareness to the animal shelters in the Los Angeles area. This a cause near and dear to Chanel's heart because of her LA upbringing and passion for animals. You can read more about the shelters and Los Angeles Animal Services at  http://www.laanimalservices.com/shelters/.

To spread awareness and improve the shelters, we are asking for people to make donations to the Los Angeles Animal Services, specifically to better the shelters. You can donate at this link: https://anidonation.lacity.org/donation_start.cfm?. Anyone who donates $15 or more will get a signed poster from Chanel. 

Once you get your donation confirmation, screen shot the donation and then tweet at her with the #WestCoastWednesday hashtag. Support a great cause and get a free poster, it is a win-win!

To remind you how cute dogs and other animals can be, check out this great puppy video on youtube inspiring you to possibly #AdoptToday.

Get hyped, Chanel's performance in Seattle is only two weeks away. It is going to be turnt up at the Crocodile on the 15th. Tickets are close to selling out, so make sure you buy one while you still can! It is going to be her best show yet. Pre-order tickets are available here: http://www.thecrocodile.com/event/679101/.

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