Chanel West Coast LIVE in Ohio and PA

So much fun performing in Ohio and PA! I got to visit my family in Ohio for a couple days and a few of them were able to make it out to my show in Portsmouth to support. My family is so supportive and they mean the world to me. It’s good to be around them, even if it’s only for a few days, and remember I have this amazing family who truly loves and supports me no matter what. We all had hella fun at the Ohio show and the fans came out in some dope ass Costumes for the costume contest. Then we had the gig in Allentown, PA and that gig was hella fun too. We got some fans into a twerking contest of course and pretty much brought the whole crowd on stage by end of the night lol. Check out the video re cap below 😁👍🏼

Rosabelle Eales