NYE in NYC, The Playboy Mansion & Denver

Hey ya'll! 

Happy New Year! Is it too late to wish everyone a fun 2016?  I don’t know about you but I started the year, like, ridiculously up to no good and my signature sunnies have been giving me serious pizza face! Chanel and Rosabelle (@rosabeales) also started the year in New York. We reunited at Drybar. 

“Can you please curl my hair reeealll tight?” Chanel says to the hair stylist. 

It was the day before New Years eve, and we were on our way to dinner at Morimoto with the baes Mara Teigen and her sissy. We also spent most of New Years eve @nailson7th, around where I stay. 

Anddd now we’re in February and it’s Valentine’s Day but I don’t usually celebrate because I’m doing stuff at New York Fashion Week on the east coast, check out my coverage on www.melwrites.com. 

The Grammy's and all events related were the talk of the west coast!! Chanel performed at The Playboy Mansion for the The @CityGala Charity event as part of her Grammy night. She wore set from @ASOS and @DJ_Kittie backed her up on the turntables. Chanel was so busy with her own show, she forgot to record the actual Grammy's! LOL What happens in the Playboy Mansion, stays at the Playboy Mansion. We also had a show in Denver! You guys were so LIT that night! Cousin Lexi and her boyfriend even came through. oh! Before I forget...Have you heard her latest song “Quicksand” on Soundcloud?  

Meanwhile, Chanel’s been in the studio with Rich Skillz creating the vibes, music to get dressed and go to dinner to. She starts filming the next season of Rediculousness next month. Comment on your favorite episode in the comment section! Chanel’s definitely been hustling, but wants you to know that ya’ll her boos!        

Anyways, I’ll be posting about Chanel and I’s whereabouts as often as our busy lives will allow us.  Hit up our Instagram’s until then... 

Stay true, Melissa (@melspainn)