This Wednesday we have Chanel's new gig and an online contest for all the fans!

Get ready Pennsylvania! This Friday, August 1st Chanel will be doing a show at the Sherman Theater with Culture Clash. It's going down in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania so if you are anywhere close we recommend getting a ticket. It's a show you definitely won't want to miss. 

You can buy tickets here: http://www.ticketmaster.com/culture-clash-feat-chanel-west-coast-stroudsburg-pennsylvania-08-01-2014/event/02004CD3F0E8CA4B

A couple weeks ago, Chanel killed it with Shwayze at the El Rey Theatre. If you thought that was dope, you haven't seen anything yet. Stroudsburg is going to be next level! Here is a little reminder of what went down at the El Rey.


This contest is to see who Chanel's most creative fan is on Twitter. It's super simple and easy for anyone to do! The winner will get a shoutout, follow, and if they are really good a personalized video from Chanel, among other surprises and prizes.

Here are the contest rules

1. Choose your favorite picture Chanel has uploaded recently

2. Come up with the funniest and most creative caption you can think of

3. Tweet the photo with caption and share this blog with the hashtag #westcoastwednesday at the end to be eligible for consideration

It's that simple! The winner will be announced on next week's #WESTCOASTWEDNESDAY so get ready!